Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Arrived in Singapore. Checked in to the complimentary hotel the airline set me up with. Took a super fast shower and then hustled back across the airport to try to catch the 1:00 PM. free bus tour, but I missed it by ten minutes. Next one isn't until 3:00, so I'm killing time in the airport.

I walked through the most amazing butterfly garden of all things. Hundreds and hundreds of butterflies!

This airport is HUGE and full of the top luxury designer shops: Gucci, Fendi, Tiffany, Mont Blanc, Sony, and Apple stores too. And of course there's also a Hard Rock Cafe and a Burger King.

I'm having a beer and a sparkling water at a tapas place. I picked this place to spend my airline voucher for "lunch" because, even though I'm not hungry, I felt reassured that I recognized the food in the pictures on the menu. Hey, at least I'm not at Burger King!

More later after the tour.

Love, Stace

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