Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sooooo yesterday was an 18 hour marathon day, and today I'm exhausted, hence no posts yesterday. I woke at 6, before the wake-up call, had a swim at the hotel, then a pedicure in the spa (about $10 for an hour pedicure!) then breakfast, and we headed to work at 10:30. Met up with the team, passed out 4 lbs of Jelly Bellys & 3 lbs of Ghiridelli chocolate I brought with me (my suitcase should be MUCH lighter on the way home), more meetings. Then lunch with the President of our Indian operations and my boss. Lunch was fabulous, and at a neighboring hotel which is much nicer than ours. The President just verbally bashed a waiter who brought him grape juice that wasn't freshly squeezed (as in just that moment, squeezed just for him), but sitting around in the refrigerator). Wow, that was a weird moment. We discussed the hotels & decided to move to that one today (it's called the Ista).

More meetings back in the office, time flew by quickly, until 3 of us had to participate in a call that was starting at 8 p.m. It was an all day meeting in the US (7-4) and we were to participate in the first few hours. Well that turned into finally shutting down our computers at midnight, and getting back to the hotel at 1 a.m.

It's 9:00 a.m. now, I'm barely functional from the minimal sleep, we're meeting for breakfast in 30 minutes, checking out of this hotel, and into the Ista, then off to work again. Whew.

Between the hotels & the office is more construction than you can even imagine. 20 story building going up here, 16 story over there, a 3 story one right next door to our building that my company is building to expand. It's incredible. And the workers - all wearing hard hats, and sandals. I couldn't take any pictures yesterday, hope to today. That's it for now. Missing everyone!

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