Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And now for something not related to India

Lots, and lots, and lots, then a few more, pictures from the girls' soccer game last weekend. The Jaguars defeated the Bone Crushers 4-1.  It was a sweet victory because the Bone Crusher's coach was the girls' coach last year & she was a total b!*&h.  Yelled at the kids (yet didn't know their names) and just in general did not teach them anything about the game.  This great kid, Jordan, was also on their team, as well as in their Kindergarten class.  

Zoe, Sophie & Jordan became great friends, and this year, Jordan's mom, Janeen, is the girls' coach - and she's awesome!  Runs them through drills, teaches them the game, is supportive, and you know, remembers their names, little stuff like that.  Janeen said she didn't care if we won any games this year, except this one, against last year's coach.  And the girls came through for her.

Zoe was in there like a champ during the whole game - see how many times she got the ball? See that look of determination on her face?  Didn't score a goal, but she sure played her heart out.  


Sophie....well, Sophie says soccer is not her game.  I think Sophie may be right; she spent a lot of time spinning in circles near Jordan in the goalie box.    


Clearly NOT identical twins. Now sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the following 4,215 soccer photos. It's almost like you were there, isn't it? (Zoe is #5, Sophie is #7.)

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