Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm here!

I've landed in Hyderabad and am all checked into my hotel. The room is big, and nice. I can't get the A/C cranked up high enough to make the room actually cool though. I tried to video tape on the way in from the airport, but don't think it will come out well since it's night time.

I saw men driving motorcycles & scooters with 3 people on them. Skinny wild dogs roaming around. Makeshift shrines / places of worship set up along the side of the road. You drive by blocks and blocks of dark, cinderblock, deserted nothing...and then you spot a raised platform, surrounded by multicolored lights (we would call them "christmas" lights) hung in front of beautiful colorful sheets, protecting the platform from the street. At the back of the platform is a large (6-7 feet tall) statue of Ganush(?) the Hindu God that looks like an elephant, all lit up and brightly colored. And there were 3-4 men sitting on the platform. I saw at least a dozen of these impromptu worship sites in a 40 minute ride.

Anyway, it's after midnight here and I'm hoping to get some sleep so I can be on the right time zone tomorrow. (12 and a half hours ahead of California). More tomorrow!

Here's a picture from the Singapore Airport:



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