Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Click for free Mammograms

When I was 35 Kaiser told me the first age the recommended women have a "baseline" mammogram was 40.  By the time I turned 40, my Dr. told me they had changed their recommendation to age 35.  Sometime between those years, you think someone could have updated me?  

So today I had my first ever, baseline mammogram. Wasn't such a big deal.  No agonizing pain or anything.  Disconcerting, but not uncomfortable.  

So in honor of this day, I'm asking you to support The Breast Cancer Site - whose sponsors fund mammograms for low income women, based on how many people click their site. 

So click away in honor of good breast health!  

In other news: 

After my mammogram I stopped by the local Democratic Party office and picked up my Obama/Biden bumper sticker and my Vote NO on Prop 8 bumper sticker.  I promptly put them both on my car.  When I had a "Hilary for President" sticker on my car it got egged AND I had my window broken.  I'm hoping (strongly) that it was a coincidence since I just washed my car. We put a No on 8 sign in the yard too.  Last summer our Hilary for Prez sign was stolen, so this time we wired it to the fence.  Crossing fingers.  If it gets stolen, I'll just put another one up! 

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Sparkleneely said...

Good for you on all counts! I was just at Kaiser a few months ago and they said it was 40... Hmmm.

I think that after the debates tonight, more people will have Obama/Biden stickers! (But I was bummed about the gay marriage issues. Sigh.)