Friday, May 16, 2008

We can get Married!

I can't believe it, I don't even know what to write about it. I am completely blown away by the CA Supreme Court's decision. Yay California.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today ZoZo lost her first tooth!  It's 7 months since her twin sister lost her first one, which is surprising since aside from coming out first, it's about the only thing Sophie ever did first.  

Zo's got a huge cavernous hole where her front lower tooth used to be. The new one was coming in behind it, so we were calling her Shark Girl.  

She was so excited. Also today, and equally as exciting, Zo guessed the contents of the "Mystery Box" in school, and thus, it is her turn to take it home and place an item in it for the Kindergardeners to play 20 questions about.  I almost had her convinced to put the tooth in the box! The only that stopped her is that Sophie heard us talking about it and would have known. Drat. A tooth in the mystery box would have been way cool. 

But then - what to do about the tooth fairy? Would she have been OK waiting a day for the tooth to be placed under the pillow?  I think Zoe was concerned as well. So the tooth went under the pillow, and I still don't know what's in the mystery box; she won't tell anyone.  Hopefully it's not embarrassing.

10 minutes after putting them to bed, Zoe calls me back to her room.

Zoe: I'm afraid of things I can't see.

Sophie: Zoe's afraid of things she can't see. I told her the Tooth Fairy was nice though.

Zoe: I've never seen a unicorn or a fairy or a witch or ghost, and if I haven't seen them, they scare me.

Me: Oh, well the Tooth Fairy is little.

Sophie: Yeah, she smaller than your tooth.  

Me (in my head): She is? Who knew? How does she carry the teeth then??

Me (out loud): And she never pulls your hair, or tickles you, or picks your nose.  She's only interested in the tooth under your pillow.  I wonder what she does with all those teeth?

Sophie: Maybe she makes a necklace. (eew)

Zoe: Or a skirt. (double eew)

Zoe: I think it's Creepy.

Me: Well, we haven't seen Rudolph in person but...

Sophie: Oh yeah, and he's definitely REAL. 

Me: But we know he's not creepy.

Zoe: Well we saw his nose one night, remember? The red light moving across the sky. It was kind of creepy.

Me: Hmmm. But he's nice though.

Zoe: Creepy. Creeeepy. Creep. Y. Creepy. 

Me:  I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will not bother you. Go to bed.

Zoe: Creepy.

Me: Good night.

Sophie: Good night.

Zoe: Good night. Creepy.

Come to think of it, what does she do with all those teeth?? It IS a little creepy. 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Post!

What could be more intimidating than your first blog post? Blank pages in Word or an editing software are nothing compared to blank blog pages!

Such pressure. Write something witty, interesting, compelling. Who could manage that in a first post? But then who will read a first post besides me anyway? So....stop stressing, right? Right.

So why start a blog? Over the past 6 months I've been drawn into the world of "mommy bloggers" and been really engaged in what I've read. I don't know exactly how it started, but I remember the order of blogs I got hooked on. First came Breed Em and Weep. I got drawn into Jenn's tales of invading mice and piles of dog poo. Laughing out loud, tears running down my face at the stories of her ridiculously pooping dogs. From there I found John Cusak's wife Bossy, her neuroses, and headless barbie movie reenactments. Next came Pioneer Woman and her metric tons of butter. I couldn't possibly cook like that and still fit in my pants, and yet, I'm addicted to her recipe blog. And finally Dooce. I came for the balancing dog, and stayed for the spiritual guidance.

And through these blogs, these women, these moms, I realized there was a forum, an audience, and an outlet for "mommy bloggers" where you didn't have to "just" write about little Timmy's daily exploits.

So, that's where I find myself. Looking for a place to jot down my thoughts, and perhaps connect with other moms, other lesbians, maybe other lesbian moms, on random topics, which may or may not include my kids.

First post done. That wasn't so bad.