Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christmas in March

It finally stopped raining!!!! As my Mom would say, we were starting to grow webbed feet around here! A weekend without rain, and none in the immediate forecast led to two weekend activities - Spring Cleaning (but remind me why it takes the sun coming out to make us spend the day inside clearing cobwebs & dust bunnies?) and Christmas! What, you think we're a little late? Well, yeah. We usually are. :) What I meant was, we finally put together the trampoline Dad & Nancy got the girls for Christmas! Woo hoo! And they even spent more time on it than Laura and I spent putting it together, so that's plus. They spent over an hour on it, and then came in saying "We're tired and STARVING!" Another plus! Yea Grandma & Grandpa! Perfect timing for Daylight Savings Time, hopefully they won't have any trouble going to bed on time tonight! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taxes? I'll take a double share, thanks.

Today was a productive day, I replaced my broken tail light and replaced my head light bulb that was no longer shining bright. I also finished and filed my taxes, both Fed and State. Refunds will be on the way soon.  Terrific, right?

Almost. Why? Because every year when I do this, I have to look at the quantitative and indisputable difference for our family because we can't get married. Because of that, I pay 20% more Federal taxes. Twenty percent! My Federal tax refund would nearly double if I could file as "Married" instead of "Head of Household." I can't even express my frustration and anger at this - its so monumentally unfair.