Sunday, September 21, 2008

Indian Bathrooms (brought to you by the makers of Purell)

I know you are all curious. So I took pictures. At least I made sure no one else was in the bathroom first. 

This was the most common set up (taken at the office).  The sprayer was a common fixture, especially in bathrooms that had not only no TP, but not even a TP dispenser. (But rest assured, my offices did have TP.)
"European" toilet

This is the last stall at the office.  I never saw anyone go into it, or come out of it.
Indian toilet

Finally, taken at the Chennai Airport.  And can I just preface this photo by saying "EWWW." This set up was pretty common actually. I'm still confused by the cup and the faucet.  This stall was marked "EWC."  Others were marked "IWC."  The IWC stall was similar to the photo above (0nly with less marble and more germs).  I'm guessing they stood for European Water Closet and Indian Water Closet?
What's the cup for?

So, how did I, ah....manage, you wonder?  All I have to say is "Thanks, Charmin!"

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