Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Project # 1 (aka...I want to be a werewolf)

Not just a regular werewolf mind you.  Not the werewolves for sale at the Spirt Store, or Target, or any of our past favorite online costume shops.... NO.  Those werewolves are wearing clothes.  Sophie wants to be a werewolf with no clothes.  So, a regular wolf then?  NO Mama. A regular wolf doesn't stand up, or talk, right?  Oh, how silly of me, of course. So a standing, talking, werewolf with no clothes.  Don't go looking for one online, cause let me tell you, those costumes don't exist.  

So, we (meaning I) set out to make a werewolf costume. First, we need a pattern, right? No again - no wolf costume patterns to be found.  Lions and tigers and bears, oh yes.  Wolves - not so much.  So, I convinced Sophie we could make one like this.   I don't sew much, but I figured I could manage the slight alterations required to turn a cat into a wolf.  Right? 

The tail is Sophie's design.  So, next was picking out the fabric.  That was not easy, but Soph picked a soft, slightly curly, and fuzzy brown cloth that pretty much looked like my old springer spaniel's ears...

Anyway, I borrowed a sewing machine and began. (I had to borrow a machine because I received my sewing machine from Mom.  She received it as a high school graduation present. I won't say how old that is, but I was surprised to find out they make sewing machines that plug in now.  KIDDING Mom, kidding!)

Things started off well...I began with the tail.
Coming together nicely.
Right side out.  Next up, elastic in the sleeves and cuffs. 

And then....Sophie started to get a little bored waiting for me to finish up, and there was this half full bag of stuffing left over from the tail, and it was really hot this weekend, and she'd been trying on the hot costume, and so was only wearing her underwear, and... and.... and..... well, this happened.  I have nothing more to say about it.  It's not my fault. 

Oh my.  BELIEVE me that I fully intend to resurface this photo (and the 2 dozen others that I took....) when she is sixteen.  

So...after a bit of distraction, I finished up.  And the fearsome werewolf was complete. (Minus face paint to be added later...when it's not so hot...)  I did offer to make mittens and shoe covers, but she didn't want them.  Just for the record. 
Especially fearsome with the missing front tooth, don't you think? 

Some sort of werewolf dance move. 

But now, you have to make the call:  frightening werewolf?

Or cuddly Ewok?  

Ah well. Sophie is happy, and that's all that matters.  

Next up: Tough-Ninja-Fairy-Princess!  I'm hopeful that I can purchase most of the elements required for that costume. 

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