Monday, December 8, 2008

Yard work

Ok, so maybe the mushrooms on my lawn weren't exactly the size of dinner plates.  Or maybe that one disappeared....I SWEAR there was a huge one there last week.  Anyway, I finally decided to get out in the back yard and do some much needed maintenance.  So here are the mushrooms from my lawn (you know you wanted to see them). 

This photo right here - it gives me the willies just looking at it. Blech! And no, that is NOT my hand.  I made Laura get rid of them. 

Ok, so then I took a larger look at the lawn. Did I say lawn? I meant enormous bed of pine needles and oxalis weeds. 

So I mowed it.  I'm pretty sure that the last time I mowed the lawn was the week before Halloween.  Is that bad? Oh well. Looks better now, doesn't it? (Please ignore the long extension cord that I couldn't be bothered to remove from the lawn before taking this photo.)

Now, on to other things.  Remember this tree? 

This is what it looks like now. #$*&! tree.  And no, it did not drop all those leaves into that nice neat little pile.  That pile came a price. The price of "I'll let you have 2 Oreos each if you sweep up those leaves for me." 

But the kicker is that the tree is no where NEAR done dropping those leaves; it still looks like this.
Well, technically there are 2 trees in that picture, but still.  I'm going to have to buy another bag of Oreos to keep up with this mess.  

Oh and cleaning up those leaves and getting rid of them...wait, did someone say it's 5:00? Cocktail hour?  Excuse me, I have to go inside.  New Belgium Brewery's newest brew is waiting for me in the kitchen.  Have you tried Trippel (pronounced Triple)?  It's goooooood.  The leaves will have to wait. 

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