Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who says we don't have seasons in California?

Thanksgiving has come and gone, as has the turkey, and nearly all of the post-Thanksgiving turkey soup too.  (Don't ask how I managed yet another party at my house with no photographic evidence - perhaps it was all my bar-tending that kept me distracted?)  Anyway, Fall is full swing in my backyard - meaning the big tree in the picture (someone told me it's a pepper tree?) has turned completely red, then yellow, and is now dropping leaves all over the backyard. 

The girls took it upon themselves to sweep them up on Sunday.  And then of course jumped in them, scattering them all over the yard again.  

However, I'm not nearly as concerned about that as I am about the dinner-plate-sized mushroom growing in the middle of my lawn. Eww. Ick.  It's been raining a little, once every 3 days or so.  Just enough to keep the lawn too wet to mow down the giant fungus.  Which I suppose is probably the exact wrong way to take care of it, as I'm sure it would scatter fungus spores all over the lawn. But if any of you know how I feel about mushrooms (and I'm sure many of you do...) you'll know that I'm not coming any closer to that huge monstrosity than getting behind the lawn mower.  Maybe I could handle a shovel. Maybe.  Perhaps tomorrow morning I'll use my telephoto lens from the deck and take a picture of it to show you exactly how gross it is.  

I know you're looking forward to that aren't you?  


Anonymous said...

Ugh, just dig that mushroom out with a shovel. If it's poisonous you don't want any dogs or cats to get hold of it. My dog died from eating poisonous mushrooms.
If it's a pepper tree, then it has lots of little red beads that look like peppercorns. Doesn't look like a pepper tree.
Am enjoying your blog. Thanks!

Helen said...

Mushrooms are nasty in the lawn. So are dandlions. I am enjoying a little fall weather myself, with leaves dropping every day! Good exercise!