Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Traditionally we bust out the Christmas decorations on the day after Thanksgiving.  With the Christmas decorations come the Christmas toys.  Special toys that are only out until just after New Year, and then get tucked away again until next year.

Last year, with the girls off for their first ever Thanksgiving week holiday, we decided to break out the toys early, so they could play with them while they were home from school.  So now we have a new tradition.  

I think it's a toss up who really likes these toys most, me or the girls.  My next most favorite is the Playmobil nativity set, which inevitably ends up merging with these.  What, you don't have an Abominable Snow Beast or Rudolph in your nativity scene?  

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christmas said...

Wow!! your Christmas decorations are awesome. I have just started decorating my house couple pf days back and yet not completed. Actually I am bit confused as they are so many ornaments so which to keep on my Christmas tree to make it look more special. Anyways now I got some idea by looking at your pics.