Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are you there Santa?

Dear Santa,

I know you're really busy today, but I felt compelled to write. First of all, my whole family really appreciates that you and your helpers take the time to write back to little children who send you their wish lists.  We know that with all the toy building, wrapping, merry making, and reindeer care-taking, you and your staff are awfully busy.  Which is why you must have hired some new elves this year to help with the letter writing.  

That's what I wanted to write you about, to let you know that you have a little bit of a quality control problem in the letter writing department.  I'm guessing that you have some new helper elves, or perhaps a new Letter Department Supervisor there?  In any case, someone there at the North Pole is letting quality slip just a little bit.   I've enclosed a copy of the letter my daughter (that's daughter, not son) Zoe received this week, for your reference.  

First there was the  mistake of confusing Zoe for a boy.  We thought, OK, the elves mixed up and sent us somebody else's letter. Perhaps there is a little boy named Zoe out there. But we continued reading, and Santa, I'm sorry to say, but my first graders spell better than this elf.  Tryed? Helfers? We knew it was serious when he spelled your name wrong.   

I was certain you would want to be informed of this very unusual and uncharacteristic slip in quality at the North Pole.   I'm sure you'll be doing some letter-writing and spelling skills-building workshops in the new year for your new staff. 

You must already be on top of the situation though, because later the same day, we received the real letter you sent, special late delivery by the post office too, that was a nice touch.  Zoe was VERY relieved to get the real letter from you, thanks for following up.  

As always, the cookies and carrots will be out tonight for you and Rudolph.  Travel safely, and Merry Christmas!!!



justplainhelen said...

HAHAHAHA! That is hysterical. I think they must have outsourced the letter answering at Santa's house this year.

Outsourcing is bad for everyone.

Stacey said...

Don't you just love that? Could NOT believe it when we opened the mail. I'm just glad Santa really came through! :)