Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh, this is just so wrong.  Yes on Prop 8 is blackmailing businesses....

I certainly hope that this lame blackmailing attempt would not influence any business leaders who had the foresight to donate money against this hateful bill.  

In other news....I received many, many supportive emails and comments from Wednesday's post.  I was very happy to receive the great support from fellow parents at the girls' school, and from many friends and family.  Everyone's appalled by what happened to Laura, as they should be.

I had the day off today & wore my shirt to school. The girls had to drop by the science lab on their way out, to redeem the tickets they received for being quiet for treats.  The science teacher said she liked my shirt, and made my day.  A mom of another student in the girls' class said, "I see all the Yes on 8 and No on 8 signs, I don't know what it's all about."  And I took the opportunity to explain it.  That Prop 8 eliminates an existing right for gay and lesbian people, and clarified that it has no wording whatsoever in it about schools or churches.

I don't know if I convinced her, I think I did. I think I helped clarify the issue. I hope I made a difference by wearing my shirt, and inviting conversation.  

We also decorated for the Halloween party and I went to soccer practice (still wearing my Vote No on Prop 8 shirt - man they're going to be sick of seeing me in that).  This was the practice where I became the official team photographer.  Apparently no one liked paying $60 per kid last year for the official photos, so the coach asked me to take the kids' pictures instead, since everyone liked ones I've done of the games.  Wow; it was hard. The girls were hot and antsy, and I wanted to make sure I got good pic's of all of them, so I took a LOT of pictures.  It took more than an hour.  Towards the end, the girls were just DONE, and when the coach asked me if I needed a glass of wine now I said, "hell yes!" a little too enthusiastically I think.  I haven't checked out the pic's yet...they'd better be good though, cause I can't do that again!  Children's photography definitely goes on the list of jobs I never want if my current career tanks.  

I'm off to get that glass of wine now, so I'll leave you with this little video. Enjoy. 

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