Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Project # 2 (PARTY!)

Ok ladies & gents - Saturday night was a BLAST!  Laura and I and the girls had a fantastic time, and were so glad so many of you came, ate, drank, played eyeball relay races and pin the nose on the pumpkin, and ate, and drank, and played guitar, and drank...(are you sensing a theme here?).

I am definitely up for making this an annual tradition!  Especially since Laura, with a unique combination of insomnia and OCD, got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday and cleaned everything up, before I could even stumble out of bed!  Yeah Laura, go Laura, woo hoo for Laura!  :) Insomnia + OCD - it's a good thing!  

And cleaning up included rounding up: 4 shoes, 1 teeny tiny witch's hat, a way-cool skull chip & dip platter, 1 light "saver" (as Sophie & Zoe call them), a scary joker's / skull stick, one pair of nun's gloves, cat ears & tail, and an entire bubble bath costume (no Julie did not go home naked).  If you are still missing an item, please drop by or let us know & we can deliver it to school...

Special kudos to the Dads who took their kiddo's home early so Mommies could, um....talk, yeah that's it, talk.  Until midnight. Oh and maybe we drank a little wine with that talking...who was it that passed around all that wine anyway? Oh, right...that would be me.  How many times did I tell that story about pouring hotdog juice on my foot?? Oy.  

So here's what I learned about all of you that night.....wait, maybe I'd better keep those stories off the blog if I want to keep you as friends.  You can thank me later.  You can also thank me later (or kick me) for taking NO pictures all night long. What was up with that??!! Oh yeah, 20 kids, 20(?) adults, 2 games (believe it or not I had 3 more planned....), food, drinks, guitars, drinks, dvd players that wouldn't work, great conversation, drinks...I think I got a little distracted.  Therefore, there will be no photographic evidence of this event posted here...unless Debbie chooses to share her pictures with me.  (If you want to keep them off the web, bribe Debbie.)

Some of you also mentioned that you wanted a "No on 8" shirt like those you've seen us wearing.  You can contact my friend Michele, at www.BessieandMe.com or 925-828-0210 or michele@bessieandme.com and she can whip you up one in 2 days! (But act fast, the election is only a week away!) Michele's a local business woman right here in CV & would love your business.  Her husband Scott is my bass teacher & a way cool musician himself.

Thank you again for such a great time on Saturday!!  All the kids were great, the older ones especially for rounding the littler ones up into games (or maybe they just ordered them to stay in the playhouse & be quiet?  Who knows!  They weren't bugging their parents and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS). I definitely had a good time & am glad all of you did too!  

Happy Halloween! 

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