Thursday, October 16, 2008

No insight from the school teacher

Parent teacher conference on Thursday went fine, both girls are doing great on their progress in 1st grade.  Sophie needs to work on her printing, making sure she doesn't turn her letters and numbers around backward, and on her spelling/sight words.  Zoe's right on track too, next up in her reading is more questions about comprehension.

We asked the teacher if anything weird or stressful was happening at school, or had happened recently, or if Sophie was displaying any unusual behavior.  She said no, she hadn't noticed anything unusual.  So, no insight into the night terrors from her.  

I was discussing it at work and a colleague told me she'd had them her whole life. Stress brings it on for her.  She said the first time it happened with her husband she sat bolt upright in bed and said, "Look out, he's here, he's got a knife!" and scared the shit out of her husband who had no idea what was happening and thought it was real!  

We'll see how it goes tonight....

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