Friday, October 17, 2008

Miscellaneous Updates

We put Soph to bed in our bed last night, just skipping the step of having her wake up in her own bed, and there were NO night terror reoccurrences.  But who knows if the two correlate?  There's also no school today too, so it wasn't really a school night either.  To be fair, I also let Zo fall asleep with me…but transferred her to her own bed after she fell asleep cause that kid is 4 feet of knobby elbows and knees, and she likes to sleep with her head at the foot of the bed, and her feet on my pillow.  And I don't need to wake up with a foot in my nose on top of Sophie's yelling, or I'd be the one yelling "Don't squish me!"


Yesterday I received a statement from my 401(k) from my years at Gap.  My personal rate of return over the past 12 months? So glad you asked, it's -20%.  And over the past 3 years? 3.2% And that's only as of Sept. 30th; I'm sure it's even worse in the 2 subsequent weeks.  Glad I have it so heavily allocated to stocks for my "aggressive growth" plan for retirement…  I could have socked it in my savings account and earned more.  But aren't we all in the same boat? Sigh.



My neighbor called Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m.  "Look out your window" she said.  Fortunately my "Obama '08" and "No on Prop 8" yard signs were still in my yard, because her and her next door neighbor's are gone. AGAIN. I think ours remained only because Laura "taped the shit out of them" as she says, reinforcing them with clear strapping tape, making them impossible to destroy without a sharp knife or scissors, and because she wired them to trees inside our yard, behind our fence.  I doubt they'll make it to the election though, which is why I have extras in the garage.  And why I'm off to Home Depot at lunch today to get replacement bulbs for our motion light that shines directly on the part of the yard with the sign.



The No on 8 campaign is completely out of t-shirts and hats, etc….  So I worked with my bass teacher's wife, Michelle, owner of Bessie and Me, to make some. I plan to wear a shirt and/or hat that says No on 8 every time I walk around Castro Valley between now and the election.  There are Yes on 8 yard signs popping up all over town and it's disturbing me.  I'm most happy that Michelle will have the shirts ready tonight, so we can wear them at the girls' soccer games on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. 


My neighbor is also planning to canvas the neighborhood on Sunday to speak to our neighbors about the measure; if soccer schedules allow, I will join her.  Although I'm nervous about finding out which of my neighbors supports us, and which don't.   



Finally - how come no one is talking about the fact that the Alaska legislature found Sarah Palin guilty of abusing her power as Governor??? 


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