Saturday, January 31, 2009

That Bowl Holiday

We've watched less and football as the girls have gotten older.  You'd think it would be getting easier to occupy them with something long enough to watch a football game now and then, but for some reason, it just seems harder.  As a result, I haven't watched a single game this year. 

That doesn't stop us from being excited about SuperBowl.  (Who's playing anyway?)  And even the girls are excited about it.  Why you ask, are the girls excited about it?  Because around our house, SuperBowl is known as "That bowl holiday where we eat all the snacks."

Yep, that's what SuperBowl means to us, a holiday of junk food.  A huge, plentiful array of artery-clogging snack foods.  

To prep for this momentous holiday, Laura took the girls to Safeway to prepare.  They stood in awe in the potato chip aisle.  "We can have anything we WANT?  REALLY??" Yup. For one day, all the snacks you can eat, and hot dogs for dinner too!

Happy Super Bowl!

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