Thursday, January 8, 2009

2003 A Year of Double Diaper Duty (Doody?) in Review

I am highlighting each of the girls 7 years in the seven days leading up to their 7th birthday.  Today's highlights are from 2003, in which our little darlings are 1 year old, learn to walk (14 months for Zoe, 16 for Sophie!) and get into all kinds of mischief.  Sophie starts turning everything she finds into a hat.  Zoe calls Sophie "Sosie" and Sophie calls her sister ZoEEEEEEEE. 

This was also the year where we became the parents of twin toddlers, not twin babies. We experienced the challenges of two toddlers.  Like chasing Sophie through the park and swooping her in the air, only to have her slip out of Laura's hands and crash on the cement. But wait! As if we didn't already feel like the world's worst parents, while we were checking Sophie for damage, Zoe climbed onto the bench next to us and decided to nose dive off the bench for fun.  We left the park quickly before someone called Child Protective Services on us.  Sophie was fine but Zoe had to get a CAT scan from that little adventure. 

Oh then Halloween. First trick-or-treating ever, at my office. Great fun. The next day Zoe shoved a mini M&M up her nose. Another trip to the hospital for her...again, she was fine, of course.  But it was a busy year chasing babies! Enjoy the pictures!

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