Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy New (School) Year!

Today was the first day of the second grade! I can’t believe how fast the girls have grown. Weren’t they just in pre-school?

There are still only 20 kids in the class (thankfully) 12 of whom are girls, and 5 of those are at soccer practice together twice a week. Sophie goes to practice, and we make her run with the team, but she really didn’t want to be on the team this year, so we didn’t make her. She would have liked to have been the mascot, but the under-8 teams just don’t have that position yet. I feel bad for the teacher with so many little girls who are friends all in one class. Six of these kids were all in kindergarten together too, plus there’s another from the swim team, and 2 kids from 1st grade; it’s surprising that there’s anyone in class the girls don’t already know. This teacher has her work cut out for her!

Zoe, 1st day of 2nd Grade

Sophie - ready for 2nd grade


First Day of School

Waiting for school to start on the first day

Moms of the 2nd Grade

And then, after dropping the kiddos off, a bunch of us mommies went to get some coffee to break in the new school year. It was great company, and I was glad to be able to join them this year!
Mommies having coffee

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