Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We took the girls out of school for a couple of days last week and spent a wonderful 4 day weekend in Lake Tahoe. It was an awesome trip (once you disregard the world's hardest mattresses at the "Firelite Lodge"). The weather was nice, even though we got snowed on a bit. Crowds were minimal, especially on Sunday & the drive back on Highway 80 was as clear as could be - amazing for a Sunday. Was there some big sporting event on TV or something?

JUST KIDDING. We knew it was Super Bowl Sunday, or as Sophie calls it, "That holiday where we watch sports and eat whatever we want all day long - not Thanksgiving - the other one." I didn't tell her she was missing it. She'll ask about the "Snacking Holiday" sometime in April...

The good news is that no one got hurt, and the kids LOVED skiing. The bad news is that the kids LOVED skiing. They're ready to go back next weekend, and the weekend after that, and after that, etc... I'm predicting a very expensive family hobby starting up here. Oh well - we've been looking forward to taking them skiing since they were born! Our first attempt at lessons when they were 4 didn't turn out so well - they were just too little and didn't have the interest or the stamina. But now - they're loving it and doing great! Can't wait to get back to Tahoe! Here are some clips from our trip. Zoe's in the blue jacket, Sophie's in the tan one.

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