Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prop 8 is back in court

IMG_3332In case you haven't been watching the news on this, Prop 8 is back in court, this time in the US District Court. Here's a quick summary of the case & it's status. The constitutionality of using an amendment to revoke marriage rights of a minority of CA citizens is once again being challenged. The US Supreme Court ruled that no cameras would be allowed in court (although they may change this decision), so most of the updates and news is coming from spectators who are tweeting and liveblogging the trial. I'm following @NCLRights and @AmerEqualRights on Twitter for live updates from the courtroom. If you're not into Twitter, you can still see all the updates here.

Interesting stuff, and the Plaintiff's Witnesses' arguments seem overwhelmingly convincing to me, but, you know, preaching to the choir and all....  I don't know what to think about this latest challenge - happy to have another chance in court, but nervous at the very real potential for yet another devastating setback.  

Here's a daily trial tracker of all the court proceedings.  Maybe it's time to dig out my "No on 8" shirt again.

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