Saturday, August 16, 2008

Going to India 9/9- 9/16!

After working for an international company for 2.5 years, the time has finally come for my trip to India.  I'm now managing a team of developers in Hyderabad, so I can't postpone the trip any longer, I have to make some face time there.  I have completely mixed emotions regarding this trip.  I've never been any place so "exotic" or foreign to my western point of view, so that's both exciting and frightening.  And I've been working with my Indian team for so long now too that I'm really interested to see their lifestyle, culture, and working environment first hand.  

Most difficult will be leaving Laura & the girls.  8 days away will be tough on Laura & she's NOT happy about this trip.  (Who could blame her?)  I've told the girls, but they haven't absorbed what 8 days without Mama will be like.  Grandma Nancy will have them over for the weekend, so they're looking forward to that, and to swimming in Grandma's newly refurbished pool.  

There will be more on this later. In prep, I've set up this blog to display Twitter feeds, so I can update anytime, anywhere and let everyone know what I'm up to.  

Oh, and I also put a Rx request with my Dr. for zanex for the flight.... can't go flying without it anymore.  


Mom said...

When on earth do you have time to do all this? I like the blog thingie (just what does blog mean anyway?)

You haven't got long now - according to my calendar, just two weeks to ETA India? Try all the food, don't try any of the water and do have a good time if that's possible.

Eight days in the life of a first grader is an eternity while it is happening and just a blink of an eye in life's history. However, DO NOT FORGET to buy the all essential presents for homecoming!

Cheers,, Mom

Stacey said...

Thanks Mom!

I do plan to eat everything in sight! A colleague who is there now warned me to bring my stretchy-waistband pants! Hyderabad food is supposed to be spicy too - I love spicy food! yummy.

You know your friend Lachu (sp?) was the first person to cook me Indian food & I've been addicted ever since!