Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa, again...

I have only two comments. One, thank goodness for that last sentence.  Two, if anyone has come across such a remarkable stuffed dog as this, you might want to let Santa know, because Amazon has 3,141 results under "plush dog" and NOT ONE is black with brown spots over it's eye. NOT ONE. White with brown spots, brown with white spots, but no black with brown spots. I'm thinking a rottweiler is the closest thing I've seen.  

Sophie was particularly single minded too, there is no wiggle room for Santa in that list. That's the only thing she told him she wanted when she sat on his lap too.

So, I'm just saying, Santa might need your shopping tips. You know, in case the elves are busy.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

One word: Sharpie.

XOXO <--If that counts as a word then that would be two. Plus 11. Plus two more. Now plus three more. ACK!

YankeeFromUtah said...

I just found your blog from Just Barely's blog...your girls are adorable and I love the Santa letters.