Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Cake Recipe #3 - Pumpkin!

No where near as cool as the kitty litter cake, but this will serve for any standard Halloween event.  We're going to make this guy.

First, make 2 bundt cakes, box variety is fine of course! It's even OK if you need to borrow a bundt pan (thanks Debbie!), because, seriously who has two of those? And who wants to bake 2 cakes in a row in one pan? I know I don't have that kind of time.
After they cool, place one upside down on a cake plate, like so.

Dump your frosting in a bowl and tint it bright orange, then frost the top of the first bundt.
Put the second bundt on the first, right side up this time.

Keep sneaky 7-year-olds away from the frosting. That smile? That smile says, "come on...just one spoonful?"
Frost the whole thing, being sure to pull stripes down the side. You, know, pumpkin-like. Dump some more frosting in a small bowl and tint it green. Take a paper cup and put it over one hand, and frost the cup. I squished it a bit at the top to make it look less like a cup, and more like a stem. I highly recommend you use a stiff frosting for this. I choose "Fluffy White" (what the heck is that anyway??) and it was much too soft and runny to make this cake perfectly. Choose or make a stiffer frosting.

Where was I? Oh yeah, frost the "stem". I put 4 toothpicks inside the opening of the bundt cake at the top to support the cup, then place it inside the hole.

Last step, use some black icing to draw the face. I also added candy corns for teeth, which I liked, but the frosting wasn't stiff enough to support them, so I ended up having to remove them. Either way, it's a nice halloween cake. Happy Halloween!

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