Friday, May 8, 2009

Total Chaos

Vermont, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, yeah, yeah…I’ll get to that AMAZING news about 5 states now enacting gay marriage eventually….but first….this!

The girls’ first swim team time trials and practice swim meet!

Don’t they look too cool for school!
Zoe's Ready!

Clearly we haven’t received the official uniform swimsuits yet…
Is anybody looking?

Check out this fine backstroke form.
Sophie Backstroke

And I’m no expert, but that looks like a mighty fine butterfly for a 7 year old!
Zoe butterfly
I have no idea how they did overall. Zoe took second in her heats in freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke (which looked exactly like her butterfly). Sophie…tried REALLY hard – and swam much faster than she ever has in practice. And she didn’t come in last! So there’s that. Perhaps it was the sundaes we promised them at the Ice Creamery this weekend if they tried their very best? Nah…couldn’t be.

Oh - and life lesson learned for future swim meets (and any other time) I will never buy a Little Ceaser's pizza again. OY - my stomach! :(

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